Board Of Directors

Dr. Naseer Muhammad Nizamani (Chairperson)

Dr. Naseer Muhammad Nizamani has a long and distinguished career in programme management, research and training/ teaching in health systems and international development. Dr Nizamani is professionally trained as a Public Health Physician, with a medical degree from Pakistan and a Public Health degree from Harvard University USA; complemented with a degree in Rural Development from Pakistan. Dr Nizamani has worked for more than 24 years with renowned institutions, including the Aga Khan University Pakistan, Ministry of Health Government of Pakistan, Save the Children, UNICEF and Family Health International, UNFPA and International Medical Corps. Furthermore, Dr. Nizamani has managed a number of public health programs and supervised several research studies funded by, DFID, CIDA, the World Bank and other donors. He is being associated with TRDP since last 10 years as general body member and currently chairing board of both TRDP and TMF.

Dr. Khadim Hussain Lakhiar (Director)

Dr. Khadim Hussain Lakhiar is a qualified person having MBBS. He has been working on important positions during his illustrious career. He held senior position as Executive District Officer Health in Government of Sindh Health Department. Later he worked as Administrator LUHMS Jamshoro. He is social worker and worked with community in Rural Area of Sindh. Earlier on he held various positions and coordinated and implemented many development projects in Health and Rural and Social Development Projects funded by Government and multi-donors including World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc. He is being associated with TRDP since last 10 years and currently serving as BOD member on TRDP and TMF Board.

Ms. Sabiha Shah Mosvi (Director)

A highly educated women with dynamic leadership traits emerged from Lyari, The oldest slum and mother city of Karachi. She has attained the status of outspoken fighter for the rights of depressed and neglected women and elimination of gender bias. Her late father was a committed and devoted social worker; actively involved in social development activities of his community, encouraged her intelligent and bold daughter for higher education attainment. His support in the field of education structured her future for women development. She is being associated with TRDP and TMF since last 10 years and currently serving as BOD member on TRDP and TMF board.

Mr. Naval Vaswani (Director)

Mr. Naval Rai is a visionary, committed, dynamic & accomplished professional with 18+ years of diversified professional experience. He started career with SAZTEL Communication than worked as Electronics Engineer with LG Electronics and then worked with Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL), Pakistan’s largest ICT and Broadband Company. Over his 13 year of professional association with PTCL, Naval had held technology, marketing, HR and strategy leadership positions and took several initiatives of strategic nature and set the example in telecom industry. Mr. Naval also worked with a large Media services Company (AGP-Pakistan) as Country Manager and as Advisor at Harvard Business Review (HBR).

He is solution-driven, focused on achieving results in competitive environments demanding continuous improvement and achieving organizational efficiencies. Mr. Vaswani has strong Analytical, Planning, Problem Solving and Organizational skills, excellent Customer relations, Contract Negotiation & Management skills, he is a great Negotiator, presenter and trainer.

Ms. Maleeha Humayun Bangash (Director)

More than 20 years of rich and varied international experience in leadership positions in Singapore, Pakistan and Turkey primarily in the areas of Asset Management, Corporate Banking and Marketing. Formulated the strategy, carried out negotiations and established an International Franchise in Pakistan.
Involved in the launch of the Singapore office of an International Financial Advisory firm and a leading local Asset Management firm (MCB AMC).
As Member /Commissioner (CCP), incharge of areas of Advocacy, Research and Mergers and Acquisition Review established an invaluable network of relationships with highest echelons of regulatory bodies, ministries and private sector leaders.
As Chief Strategy Officer at one of the largest local Asset Management Company (UBL Funds) formulated 5 year Strategy; implemented the same to take firm to the next level.
As Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer (JSIL) drive revenue growth, structured investment solutions (Shariah compliant and conventional), and forged business alliances.
As member Professional Committees of MUFAP(Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan) viz.,Technical Committee, Rules and regulations, Marketing and Awareness, Publications, Taxation and Audit, Voluntary Pension Scheme,- contributing in development of the Mutual Fund Industry; Chairman MUFAP Election Commission.

Dr. Allah Nawaz Samoo (Director)

Mr. Allah Nawaz Samoo is Chief Executive Officer of Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP). He has experience of over 20 years in development sector, corporate sector and government organizations in senior leadership role across the country.

His key areas of expertise include building and managing public‐private partnerships and leading ‘community‐driven‐development’ process. Prior to joining TRDP, he worked as ‘Managing Director’ at ‘Elementary Education Foundation’ Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar. In this capacity, he led successfully the process of ‘reform and change management’ in a challenging environment. Prior to this, he worked with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Islamabad, as General Manager, Institutional Development, managing a partnership with 85 development organizations in 70 districts across the country. The partnerships resulted in the formation of over 70,000 inclusive community institutions, which are continuously facilitating the provision of civic services to the poor communities across the country. Mr. Samoo also worked in World Bank supported technical assistance on Thar Coal and Power Project.

Along with a team of international experts, he provided technical support to Government of Sindh in preparation for, and early supervision of, firms contracted to undertake a strategic environmental and social assessment and study in preparation of resettlement plan and regional development plan. Prior to that, Mr. Allah Nawaz Samoo managed NCHD multi‐sector program that supported district governments in improving primary enrollment through participation of community groups in school management.

He also contributed in the transformation of TRDP from a relief and rehabilitation project to ‘Thardeep Rural Development Program’

His research studies have been published by renowned institutions including Oxford University Press.

Mr. Ali Abbas Sikander (Director)

A decisive, pioneering and award winning Chief Executive Officer reputed for exceptional vision, strategy and leadership, with a wealth of experience in Financial and Banking sectors driving e-business, customer solutions, revenue generation and innovative financial solutions through technological advancement and mutually beneficial partnerships to realize commercial objectives and improve operational performance

As a highly personable subject matter expert in Payments, Microfinance, and Transactional Banking, this trusted board advisor demonstrates the tenacity, adaptability and strategic thinking to develop high performing teams, systems and solutions in highly competitive yet traditionally structured environments.

With the technical and commercial expertise to deliver tangible results this innovative and visionary professional will quickly add value to any forward thinking organization and its partners.

Dr. Sono Khangharani (Chief Executive Officer)

Dr. Sono started his professional career in late 1982 as a teacher (lecturer) in Agriculture University Tando Jam Sindh, which allowed him to learn teaching skills, understand research methodology and its conduct, and it linked with National and International Academia. He joined the corporate sector in 1987 as a senior professional and learned about business models particularly in dairy farming and animal husbandry industry in Pakistan. Finally, he ended up working in the development sector from early 1993 and still continue to work. In the development sector, he has an accumulated stay of 23 years working with the diversified community and its mobilization. Having such diversified experience of working, starting as a senior professional in NRSP to CEO in TRDP and SRSO helped me a leader but without an appropriate training of leadership.

After NRSP, he got an opportunity to lead TRDP, SRSO and now TMF, which helped in sharpening my understanding of credit practices, approaches, methodology, risks, and staff management. Out of the total stay of 23 years, I have been actively engaged over 14 years exclusively in managing the Micro Credit and Enterprise Development activities including Credit portfolio, risk management and coordination with all stakeholders. While occupying the known position in the sector, he became the Board member in other similar objects organizations working in Pakistan and elsewhere.

He has been part of the Governance structure of PMN for a tenure where his education further sharpens while learning from peers in the sector. The Organization he is leading now has a very ambitious plan of growth while adopting the technology and want to become a risk-free growth organization in the future.